These rainforest plants make a brilliant centre piece with its unique leaf structure. It has a tropical look with forest, dark green leaves, and the tiger-striped stems.

Care Specks:

These plants love partial shade outdoors or bright indirect light indoors

Allow it to mostly dry between waterings but not entirely

Give them well draining soil - adding about 20% to 30% perlite into your standard premium potting mix will do the trick.


These guys are tropical so prefer high humidity

Toxic to pets!


 As these plants are tropical in cooler months their foliage might die off and they may go dormant. If this happens remove dead leaves and water a lot less, it will re shoot when the weather is warmer.

(You will receive a bare rooted plant similar to the one seen in the images.)

Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.


Alocasia ‘Sarian’

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