Cyclamen are gorgeous bulb plants, that in their wild state reach about 30cm high in full flower. The flowers generally cluster in the centre of the plant for an impressive colourful display. 

Care Specks:

Bright to medium light, recommended placement is within a metre of a window

Allow it to mostly dry between waterings but not entirely

Give them well draining soil - adding about 20% to 30% perlite into your standard premium potting mix will do the trick.

The best temperature range for these plants is between 20°C -35°C like other house plants. Cyclamen are frost tolerant plant once established.


They are ideal for garden beds, borders, containers and as an indoor plant.


These plants easy to propagate - simply split a clump off from the main plant. 


These plants like many others love humidity and will thrive very well with good levels, however will cope well regular spritzing to create own humidity. 

Cyclamen are also susceptible to botrytis or grey mould, which occurs mostly in cool, humid conditions. Spray the center of the plant with a fungicide or remove the dead leaves or flowers. Over Summer they will be dormant to avoid the hot, dry weather.

(You will receive a bare rooted plant similar to the one seen in the images. Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.)

Cyclamen ‘Mammoth Red’ NEW

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