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Begonia 'Snow Capped' is a fast and easy to grow cane-like hybrid not to be confused with Begonia Maculata. The leaves are oval shaped with a medium green base and splashed with lots of small white spots. This is a fast grower that branches very easily compared to some similar varieties and makes a nice bushy plant.

This stunner grows routinely to being around 15-18 inches tall however can get much bigger when staked for extra support. This cultivar also makes a nice and full hanging basket if not staked and allowed to hang. The flowers are pink to rosy pink in bright light and hang in medium sized clusters.

Some browning of the edges of the leaves can occur when the humidity is to low, this begonia will tolerate lower humidity levels however of 45-60%. A terrarium can help achieve this in low humidity climates.

Like most begonias this stunner prefers a loose, well-draining soil to ensure adequate air-rating of the roots and ensure its not to stay too wet. To ensure over watering does not occur only water when the top two inches of the potting medium is dry.

(You will receive a bare rooted plant similar to the one seen in the images.)

Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.

Begonia ‘Snow Capped’
999 1499

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