These green gem is a popular beginner plant, the neon pothos is known as such for its bright vibrant neon green colour throughout its leaves and stems. It is a robust climber that is full of drama. This plant is very robust and forgiving, making it the perfect starter plant.

Notes: we have found this variety to be slower growing than Pothos Jade. If not given bright light it will sometimes start to revert, and develop green sections on the leaves similar to a reverse variegation. 

 Care Specks:

It thrives in bright, indirect sunlight but will also tolerate low light conditions.

Allow it to mostly dry between waterings but not entirely

Give them well draining soil - adding about 20% to 30% perlite into your standard premium potting mix will do the trick.

The best temperature range is between 20°C -35°C like other house plants


Like other vine plants, they are fast growers and benefit from having something to hold on to like a moss pole, or something they can climb.

These plants are also beautiful growers in an aquatic setting, simply clean off dirt and pop into your desired vessel making sure that the base of the plant is about the water level. Change the water as needed.


They propagate from stem cuttings very easily. Just snip below a node, place in water and wait a few weeks and it’s that easy. Fast to root, easy to transplant to soil.


These plants love humidity and will thrive very well with good levels, however will cope well regular spritzing to create own humidity. 

Toxic to pets!

Pothos 'Neon'

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