This is a unique and fascinating climber native to Southeast Asia that  plasters its 2” leaves against any vertical surface that it’s climbing on.

The velvet green leaves with silver veining sit closely on the stem and often overlap a bit. The plant, in its juvenile form, is a thin stemmed vine with small leaves that are hardly noticeable. At this stage, it’s running horizontally along the soil surface.

Once it reaches a vertical structure and starts to climb, the leaves increase in size and the internodes shorten up. That’s when its full beauty is clearly seen.

Tolerant of low light but liking warm temperatures, it’s a good plant for homes with a bright growing space. If the vining stem reaches the top of the climbing structure and grows off into the air, it reverts back to its juvenile form so it’s important to provide a tall structure for climbing.

(Please note for the you will receive the plant in the pictures provided sent bare rooted however it will be sent on the climbing structure as it rooted securely onto it.)



Rhaphidophora Cryptantha

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