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This striking plant deserves a special place in every houseplant collection as it adds a brilliant splash of difference. It’s also easy to care for, having very similar needs to other houseplants and making it an easy addition.

This tropical beauty belongs to the Anthurium genus, which falls under the very large Araceae or Arum plant family.

These large leafy Anthuriums favor plenty of bright, indirect light. Due to its tropical roots, these Anthuriums adore moist soil. However, it should never sit in soggy, water-logged soil, as it encourages stress and the proliferation of diseases. Potting medium should be well draining, while keeping it moist, airy, and light.

(Please note you will receive the plant in the pictures provided sent bare rooted. Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape depending on the season.)

Anthurium ‘Tarantula’
12000 15000

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