Monstera Siltepecana is a very versatile Monstera variety originating from Ecuador. The leaves are a grey green shade with dark green veins and silver markings or reflections. This plant will happily trail, hang or climb up a support. When the plant grows up, the juvenile growth matures by getting larger and developing fenestrations (holes) in the leaves. It will mature generally at a more rapid rate when given the opportunity to climb up a totem or other climbing structure. This Monstera also makes a nice small trailing plant in a terrarium or vivarium but will also look amazing when growing in a hanging basket.

This Monstera variety like most prefers indirect bright light. Siltepecana grows best in higher humidity levels of around 50-95% but is very hardy and it will also grow in lower humidity well as well. Some browning of the edges of the leaves can also occur when the humidity is too low.

Its best to use a loose, well-draining soil to ensure adequate air-rating of the roots and ensure its not to stay too wet. To ensure over watering does not occur only water when the top two inches of the potting medium is dry.

They propagate from stem cuttings very easily. Just snip below a node, place in water and wait a few weeks and it’s that easy. Fast to root, easy to transplant to soil. This plant is made for propagating given its growth rate!

This plant is toxic to pets and the sap it produces we pruning or propagating can cause irritation to people.

(You will receive a plant similar to the ones in the pictures provided sent bare rooted.)

Monstera ‘Siltepecanna’

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