Epipremnums are a genus within the Araceae family. In their natural habitat these perennial vines will climb trees and other structures available using aerial roots. Epipremnums are native to tropical forests in Asia, Australia, and the Western Pacific. With beautiful white variegation this plant is already a beauty but give it something to climb and it will steal the show!

The leaves start our small and lance shaped but grow larger and begin to fenestrate as they climb. Eventually the leaves can grow up to 50cm in length and develop splits to create pinnatifid shaped leaves - deeply lobes leaves that look like an arrangement of many leaflets. As they grow best when climbing its ideal to give them a totem or other support structure. 

Like most this variety prefers indirect bright light, if the lighting isn’t adequate it can impact the variegation of the plant. It grows best in higher humidity levels of around 60%. It is however very hardy and it will also grow in lower humidity well as well. Some browning of the edges of the leaves can also occur when the humidity is too low. 

Its best to use a loose, well-draining soil to ensure adequate air-rating of the roots and ensure its not to stay too wet. To ensure over watering does not occur only water when the top two inches of the potting medium is dry. 

They propagate from stem cuttings very easily. Just snip below a node, place into water and wait a few weeks then transplant to soil. Or simply put straight into soil and keep soil moist until well rooted.

 This plant if digested can be mildly poisonous and irritating to pets and people.

(Please note you will receive the plant in the pictures provided sent bare rooted. Climbing support not included)

Epipremnum Pinnatum Albo-Variegata

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