Introducing the weird and wonderful Epipremnum Shangri La, aka Godzilla Pothos.

The Shangri La Pothos (Epipremnum Aureum ‘Shangri La’) is a rare pothos cultivar with some pretty wild-looking leaves!

Shangri La Pothos is a cultivar bred from the golden pothos. It has bright-green leaves with yellow variegation, but, its defining factor is the leaves’ shriveled appearance.Where other pothos’ leaves lay flat, the Shangri La’s leaves become wrinkly and somewhat rolled up as the leaf matures

This creeping plant is easy to care for and is happy in bright indirect light to maintain their variegation. It’s best to water when almost completely dry to prevent any root rotting.

Please note you will receive a plant similar to the ones in the  photos provided sent bare-rooted.



Epipremnum Shangri La NEW

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