This vigorous, fast growing beauty produces heart shaped foliage.

 Care Specks:

Bright to medium light, recommended placement is within a metre of a window but will tolerate low light situations as well.

Allow it to mostly dry between waterings but not entirely

Give them well draining soil - adding about 20% to 30% perlite into your standard premium potting mix will do the trick.

The best temperature range for these plants is between 20°C -35°C like other house plants


Just like other vine plant, this ivy will happy grow in a hanging state but will also climb up supporting structures if given the encouragement. 


These plants aren't the easiest or most successful plants to propagate like other vine plants due to their woody stems. To begin you need to select a healthy stem with healthy leaves. Cut about halfway up this stem and remove the bottom set of leaves from the cutting. Pot the cutting into moist soil and continue to keep the soil damp until roots have formed. 


These plants like many others love humidity and will thrive very well with good levels, however will cope well regular spritzing to create own humidity. 

These plants are very toxic to cats and mildly toxic to dogs and horses.

(You will receive a bare rooted plant similar to the one seen in the images.)

Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.

Hedera Ivy ‘My Heart’

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