Ludisia discolor is a species of terrestrial orchid, also commonly known as a Jewel Orchid. Jewel orchids are primarily grown for their ornamental foliage. The oval leaves are black with a network of copper veins and red on the reverse. It blooms in the winter with clusters of small white flowers with a yellow centre.

This plant like most is a variety that prefers indirect bright light however will tolerate lower light levels. They will however will not tolerate the cold, the prefer warmth and high humidity levels. They grow best in higher humidity levels of around 60%.

The stem creeps along the soil or will hang over the container so its best to give it a shallow but decent sized pot. Unlike its epiphytic cousins, this orchid will grow well in a standard well-drained potting mix. To ensure over watering does not occur only water when the top two inches of the potting medium is dry. 


(Please note you will receive a plant similar to the ones in the pictures provided sent bare rooted. Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.)
Jewel Orchid ‘Ludisia Discolor’

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