Native to French Guiana, Philodendron Sodiroi is a fast-growing climber that is best known for its gorgeous heart-shaped leaves with silver colored patterns. This philodendron enjoys both the indoors and the outdoors - it’s a very fast grower and becomes quite large in size.

As a climber this plant grows best when given a support structure like a totem. Similar to most Philodendron plants, Sodiroi enjoys indirect light, but it can easily adapt to any other light conditions as well. While it can survive in low light conditions, your Sodiroi won’t be as glossy as it could be in an ideal environment.

Avoid overwatering, as this can lead to water intoxications and root rot, which can damage the plant seriously. To prevent this, let the soil dry out a bit before you water it again.The go-to soil for your Philodendron Sodiroi is a good-quality airy soil mix that is well-draining.

(You will receive a bare rooted plant, similar to the ones seen in the images.)

Each living plant is unique and may vary slightly in size, colour or shape.

Philodendron sodiroi (non-tc)

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